Lake Rere

A fantastic and varied circular route starting from the Greenstone car park, just 12kms from Kinloch

Difficulty: MODERATE 
Time: 5 hours (loop)

Taking the loop clockwise, cross the bridge and follow the marked route across Greenstone Station’s open paddocks for an hour to the crystal clear waters at Elfin Bay.  A gentle climb through red beech forest eases before reaching picturesque Lake Rere (running water), a popular tourist destination in the late 19th century.

Take a picnic and lunch on the shores of the lake, take pictures of the mirror reflections or simply sit and listen to the calls of the Korimakos (Bell Birds), Piwakawakas (Fantails) and South Island Robins. Pockets of mountain beech and grassland lead you to a second bridge and a brief climb to join the Greenstone Track. The Lake Rere track offers ample opportunity for photography and bird watching.

View track description on Department of Conservation website